I’m sharing with you my most fav gluten free bread ever.  There are several reasons why this is the best bread ever…it’s incredibly high in fiber thus giving you super poo’s, it’s very filling and lastly it’s tasty as hell!!  Now this is not your regular white gluten free cardboard loaf.  This is crazy dense with nutrients and fiber to make your body say “Thank you! I needed that.”.  Like I said most breads on the market are low fiber and devoid of any nutritional value and I always recommend to my clients that they be avoided.  This bread is perfect on the side of soup, salad, chili, dip etc. as it can stand up to almost anything.  It is best used for open faced sandwiches so you can maximize your filling potential….the bread is on the smaller side due to it’s density and lack of rising power while baking 😉

So here we go with the recipe….it’s super simple and if you don’t have all the different types of nuts and seeds you can literally use whatever you have available.  I don’t think I’ve ever made the same bread twice! Just a simple note though…the Psyllium Husk Powder must be used as this is what keeps the loaf together.  You can find it all Organic Markets or Health Food Stores.

Makes 1 large Loaf – I like to weigh my ingredients so I’ve given you both measurements.

1 1/2 cups whole Almonds (8 ounces)

2 cups Pumpkin seeds (9 ounces) I’ve used Pistachio nuts instead and it was absolutely delish.

1 1/4 cups Brown Rice flour (7 ounces)

2/3 cup Sunflower Seeds (3 ounces)

3 tbsp. Psyllium Husk Powder

3 tbsp. Italian Spice Blend

3 tbsp. Chia Seeds

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 tsp Sea Salt

2 1/2 cups hot water


Place the Almonds and the Pumpkin Seeds in a food processor and blend until a flour forms.

Pour this mixture into a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredients except the water.  Combine well.

Add the hot water and stir quickly as the Psyllium will absorb the hot water immediately and form a dough.

Line a standard loaf pan with parchment paper.  I have a loaf pan that is longer and more narrow which gives the bread more height.  It is 12″ long across the top x 3″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide and I purchased it at the Panderno Store….but a standard loaf pan will do!

Press the doughy mixture into the lined pan and bake for approx.70 minutes at 400 degress F.  The bread will be quite moist inside but will stay together without a problem.  Remove from the pan and let cool before storing in  a container or plastic bag in the refrigerator.  This will last at least 1 month if you don’t eat it all first!