Ice cream is one of my favorite indulgences but the original version with all of the dairy and eggs does a number on my system! So when I discovered the raw and vegan version I was over the moon.  This recipe is adapted from Raw Food Real World…THE recipe book that changed my life.  It was the first gourmet book of it’s kind in the raw and vegan community and to this day no one is as amazing as Matthew Kenney…I have every single book he has ever published (thank goodness there are many ;).

This recipe uses Young Thai Coconut meat, which I realize not everyone has access to. Most Asian Markets and even your local grocer in major cities carry them.  They are the white looking coconuts not the hairy brown ones.  The flesh inside is very soft and the liquid is out of this world (very close in composition to our blood plasma!).  Luckily most organic specialty markets now carry the meat in the freezer section so you can always have it on hand.  My husband and kids love the fresh coconut juice but never finish the meat so I scrape it out and freeze it in ziplock bags.

You do require a Vitamix or high speed blender to get the mixture ultra smooth and also an inexpensive ice cream machine.  I purchased mine many years ago at London Drugs on sale for around $60.  It is compact and very easy to use plus effective….it’s not necessary to buy an expensive version.

Now this Chocolate Sauce is something else…I adapted this from Mathew Kenney as well, because yes he is the best.  I think it is THE best chocolate sauce I have ever ingested and is very versatile.  When poured over ice cream it becomes thick and gooey making it extra delish.  It will also keep forever either on the shelf or even longer refrigerated.  When I finished taking the pictures my daughter sat with me eating my subject matter.  She voiced many times how delicious both the ice cream and the chocolate sauce was….I rest my case.

rawicecreammarch17,2016 001VANILLA ICE CREAM

2 cups raw Cashews soaked 2+ hours

2 cups or 360 grams young Thai Coconut meat, if you are using frozen meat make sure to thaw out completely

1 cup purified water

3/4 cup Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup

1/4 cup Coconut Oil melted

2 tbsp. Vanilla Extract

chocolatecakemarch16,2016 001

Blend all ingredients in a Vitamix Blender until everything is smooth.  You will need to use the tamper to make sure everything gets mixed in well.  Transfer the mixture to your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturers directions.  Transfer to a sealable container and store in the freezer.  When you are read to eat the ice cream allow it to sit at room temp for 5-10 minutes to soften up a bit.  Many other flavorings or mixins can be added to this base recipe…the sky is the limit!




1 cup Maple Syrup

1 cup raw Cacao Powder or commercial Coco Powder

2 tbsp. Coconut Oil melted

Stir all ingredients together until smooth.  I store this in an inexpensive squeeze bottle from the dollar store which is easy to warm up in some hot water…please don’t use the microwave, that’s just wrong!

rawicecreammarch17,2016 004

Love Jennifer xoxo