Founder of True Health and Wellness – Jennifer Ly

Jennifer Ly has been involved in the health and wellness realm since 1997. Due to her own experience with health problems from a very young age, Jennifer sought out solutions outside of the medical community.  When Jennifer was born she had malfunctioning ureter valves that caused a constant low grade infection.  At 6 months old to help correct and heal the problem, she was put on a low daily dose of antibiotics for 1 year.  This can have a huge impact on bodily and intestinal health.  She became chronically constipated and prone to kidney infections of which she was hospitalized twice.  By age 12 she started to develop acne for which tetracycline and harsh topical creams where prescribed.  The acne turned cystic and she was eventually put on Accutane, an extremely harsh drug that completely dries up the sebaceous glands in the body.  This created further imbalances within the digestive system and greatly affected her immunity never mind that half of her hair fell out.  Acne now cleared she entered into her early 20’s with a compromised immune system, constipation, food intolerances and a yeasted body that produced monthly yeast and bladder infections.  Feed up with the lack of help from her doctor, Jennifer started to research alternative solutions on her own.  Diet changes, herbs, supplements and detoxification helped her to heal her body and create balance once again.  It has taken her 20 years to overcome her constipation and food intolerances but the knowledge gained from her personal experience is invaluable.

DSC_0070Jennifer is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls and knows what it is like to juggle a busy household.  She has firsthand experience preparing healthy meals for everyone in her family despite variances in food preferences. Creating work, life, family balance is her specialty and she loves helping clients see how they can create this for themselves.

Jennifer has been an athlete her entire life and understands how important physical activity is to a balanced body.  She has been weight training most of her adult life and is a huge proponent of this especially for her aging clients.  It is vital to longevity as we age.  She has also practiced yoga since 1998 and encourages her clients to stretch and open their bodies regularly to keep the joints supple and flexible.  You only have one body…..If you don’t use it you lose it!

Jennifer graduated from Grant MacEwan Community College Massage Therapy Program in 2000 and began a private practice as a Registered and Licensed Therapist.  Her skills extend into CranioSacral Therapy Level II and Thai Massage.  During her early years she became greatly interested in the science and art of Iridology while sharing an office with Iridologist/Herbalist Maria Vraciu.  In 2004 Jennifer obtained her Iridology/Sclerology Certificate and added these skills to her growing business.  It was during her training time in the Eye Sciences that she became more interested in using a pure diet – that of raw foods, simple herbs and superfoods to heal her clients bodies. Her skill set expanded and soon she began teaching private cooking classes.

In 2006 she moved into the broader public and became a regular instructor at Edmonton’s largest organic market – Planet Organic, where she taught monthly for 8 years. In 2008 seeing a need in the market for quality raw organic food she created Rawtopia.   This line of raw organic vegan gluten free crackers, treats and chocolate was well received for 2 years.  Jennifer decided to give up the food producing business to focus on her family and her growing integrative practice.

Jennifer now shares her knowledge all over the city presenting seminars to Community Centers, The Edmonton Teachers Convention, Noorish Café and private parties.  She has been seen on Global TV Morning Show with Lorraine Mansbridge and Breakfast TV with Bridgit Ryan sharing her knowledge of raw alkaline foods.

In Jan of 2015 Jennifer obtained her Advanced Certificate in Live Blood Cell Analysis from Naturopath Cheryl Markovich at Building Bridges in Red Deer.  With a clear picture into the body through Iridology/Sclerology and the Live Blood Analysis, Jennifer can accurately determine imbalances within her client’s bodies.  Diet and herbs/supplements are recommended and with follow up visits through the use of the Live Blood Analysis we can clearly see how the recommended treatment is positively affecting the body and then continue to move forward with further recommendations.