Iridology is incredibly useful from a preventative perspective as our practitioner is able to determine inherent weaknesses within the body before major symptoms have surfaced.

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The use of Sclerology is just one of several modalities our practitioners draw upon to assess an individual’s needs in terms of developing a personalized program that leads to optimized health and long ­term well­ being.

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Live Blood Cell Analysis

This method can provide a composite of more than 25 facets from your blood. Dark­field microscopy makes it possible for your practitioner to observe possible multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity and the probability for allergies, bacterial, fungal or viral infections; as well as many others.

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Nutritional Coaching

The body requires a solid foundation from which to build healthy tissue, strong digestion and an active immune system. We focus on removing possible reactive foods which cause inflammation at a cellular level and add in nutrient dense Alkaline foods to balance the body.

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DETOX & CLEANSING with GO! Edmonton on Shaw Cable

By |February 1st, 2016|


I had the wonderful honour to meet with Jennifer, videographer from the Go! Edmonton TV show on Shaw Cable Network, to discuss Detoxification & Cleansing. We met at Edmonton’s renowned Organic and Vegan restaurant Noorish Café, located just off Whyte Avenue. I prepared 3 delicious recipes that can not only be beneficial in your cleansing […]

Global TV with Loraine Mansbridge – Glow Juicery, Rawtopia, Urban Organics , Raw food

By |June 19th, 2015|