Nutritional Coaching in Edmonton

1 hour – $90

At True Health and Wellness we take a different approach to nutrition avoiding all diet and fad programs on the market today.  The body requires a solid foundation from which to build healthy tissue, strong digestion and an active immune system.  We focus on removing possible reactive foods which cause inflammation at a cellular level and add in nutrient dense Alkaline foods to balance the body.  When feed right weight loss is easy, digestion is effortless and energy is abundant.  Based on what imbalances are found through the use of Live Blood Analysis and/or Iridology/Sclerology a specific program is created so that once the client leaves our offices the plan of action is clear.Our focus for our clients is to first detoxify the body and eliminate inflammation.  Second is to increase energy, balance the hormones, improve sleep patterns and mental health.  And lastly to aid in weight loss, as this will prove difficult if the other components are standing in the way of your efforts.

We are cognisant to all dietary/lifestyle choices and support those who are Vegan, Vegetarian or are on restrictive diets such as Celiacs and Diabetics.  Our goal is to help you get the best out of your diet and to build an strong Alkaline Body.

When given the right tools and information, abundant and true health is within everyone’s reach!  Our goal is to empower our clients to take charge of their own health and to make educated decisions on what’s right for their bodies.