Sclerology specialist in Edmonton

1 hour – $130 *Session include basic nutritional coaching

sclerologySclerology is the study of the red lines in the white of the eyes and how they relate to stress­ patterns in a person’s health. Typically sclerology is combined with Iridology assessments. Over 7,000 nerves attach to the back of the eyes sending messages from the body to the world. These messages do not lie and are direct communications for us to recognize in order to make appropriate changes for better health. As the body heals itself and conditions resolve, the sclera markings tend to fade, thin and retract showing corresponding improvement to that particular area of the body. Somelines never completely disappear as this is a ‘scar’ or history of what the body has endured and overcome. These lines remain as faint ‘trails’ in the sclera.

The use of Sclerology is just one of several modalities our practitioners draw upon to assess an individual’s needs in terms of developing a personalized program that leads to optimized health and long ­term well­being.

We use Sclerology as part of an Iridology assessment for solutions always focused on natural healing with measurable results.